Windows 8 is here

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, was released today. It represents a radical change from Windows 7, with the new Metro interface that has been designed specifically for tablet devices, representing running programs (apps) as tiles. These apps are available from the Windows Store, a web site similar to Apple’s iStore.Users will still be able to install ‘traditional’ style programs.

For desktop users the old user interface is still available and in many ways the same as always, though the start menu – present since Windows 95 – has disappeared in favour of the Metro interface. There have been other changes to the user interface including the Windows Ribbon in Explorer, which users of Word will be familiar with (and perhaps loathe).

Amazon have the full version of Windows 8 Pro available now, at $69.99 with a special offer of a $30 promotional credit. LifeHacker’s video below details more of the changes in Windows 8:


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