Social media mess-ups

Social media mess-ups
These two geniuses posted comments on Facebook encouraging people to riot. Now they're in jail.

Social media mess-ups always make me laugh, so here are a collection of some of my favourites. All clearly link to a variety of ITGS social and ethical issues.

In the US, two women discovered they were married to the same man thanks to Facebook’s “People you may know” box. Wife number 1 clicked on wife number 2’s profile and saw pictures of her with her husband, cutting their wedding cake. The man has been charged with bigamy.

Facebook gaffs seem to be ten-a-penny recently, with US soldiers warned not to geotag their photos in case the Tabilan see them (shouldn’t they just make sure their privacy settings are correct?), a teenager charged for racist comments made on the site, two men jailed for inciting riots on Facebook, the girl who can’t understand why she got sacked for posting online that her job was boring, and my personal favourite, the 150 police officers who posted comments online boasting that they beat up innocent members of the public during protests (doh).

Didn’t any of these people learn about Digital Citizenship in ITGS class?

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