Web Design: 5 tutorials to learn HTML and CSS

Web design tutorials for ITGS
Many ITGS students choose to create web sites for their internal assessment projects, perhaps not least because many clients have small businesses or other organisations that need a way to promote their activities to a wide audience at a low cost. Compared to creating content in a template-based site such as a wiki, creating a website using HTML and CSS offers the designer greater flexibility and the opportunity to learn and demonstrate some complex techniques, and can result in some really high-quality products.


However, every student web master will need to learn some new skills, and the tutorials and online courses below offer some of the best help for learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are already quite confident with these technologies, you might want to read Web Design: 4 Sites with Tips for Web Designers. Just remember to cite any sources in the resources section of criteria D.


HTML Dog is a well respected site with clear tutorials for both HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each section is sub-divided into beginners, intermediate, and advanced level tutorials. There is also a clear reference section to help you quickly find out how to use a specific tag, attribute, or function.


Codecademy breaks learning HTML and CSS down into a series of specific lessons which are significantly different to the other tutorial style sites covered here. Codecademy’s lessons feature a prominent editor where students enter and preview HTML and CSS code. Once the desired output has been produced, the code can be submitted to Codecademy for checking. Another nice feature of Codecademy is that it keeps a track of your percentage progress through each lesson.


30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS
Tuts+ free HTML and CSS course provides both text and video based lessons to help students learn how to create web sites. The interface and lesson objectives are clear, and lessons can be easily skipped (for example, if you already know how to complete a certain task). (Note: As of June 2014 this free course has been removed)
W3Schools have tutorials for a wide range of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, ASP, and PHP. However, I have found them easier to use as reference resources, dipping in to check out the usage of individual tags or functions. Used this way, the multiple of examples and the inline code editor for code previews are extremely useful for any web developer.


Learn CSS Layout is a useful reference site. Rather than taking you through a step-by-step tutorial, the site is divided into a series of sections that explain how to use various CSS tags and attributes. Each section has clear code samples, images of the results, and demonstrations of the different possible options that can be used with the attribute.

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