7 Videos about Big Data for the ITGS Case Study

Supermarkets and Big Data
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The 2015 ITGS case study for the paper 3 exam is entitled Asociación de Supermercados Independientes (ASI) – An investigation into Big Data. In the case study scenario a group of supermarkets are investigating the possibility of using loyalty cards and other systems to collect data about their processes and their customers, and using Big Data analysis techniques to leverage that information for a competitive advantage. To successfully answer questions on the paper 3 exams students will need to understand the general concept of Big Data as well as how it can be applied to supermarkets and the ASI group. Here are seven videos that explain what Big Data is and how it can be used:

1. Big Data

This short animated video highlights the development of data storage systems from standalone computers to networked machines to systems that collect and process large volumes of data. This is a good video to watch first because it helps establish the scale and reach of modern computer systems.

2. Videographic: What is Big Data?

A short video which uses a lot of graphs and charts to explain the falling cost and rapidly rising capacity of data storage, and how the resultant data can be used.

3. What is Better Data?

This is a very short video which asks a variety of industry stakeholders what they believe Big Data is and how it will impact our world in the future.

4. Explaining Big Data

Explaining Big Data is a great introduction to the topic, clearly explaining how Big Data differs from “normal” data sets stored in traditional relational databases. It covers in simple terms issues such as data volume, structure, and variety.

5. What is Big Data?

What is Big Data? Big Data Explained is another video which does a good job of explaining the difference between these data sets and the more traditional databases that ITGS students may be more familiar with.

6. Big Data 101

In this video Intel start to explain some of the advantages businesses can leverage from Big Data and provide an excellent example of how data-based decision making can improve efficiency.

7. Big Data is Better Data

This TED talk explains the benefits of data analytics not just to business but to humanity as a whole, using a variety of examples to highlight the hidden and previously unknown patterns that can be uncovered.

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