Three ITGS news articles from the last week

ITGS news articles

Staying up to date to developments in information technology in essential for ITGS. As well as providing excellent real-life examples and case studies, reading news articles helps students develop analytical skills which are essential for the exams – especially paper 2. Here are three ITGS related news articles from the last week.

Online Privacy: Regional Differences

With online privacy rarely out of the headlines, this articles examines global approaches to data privacy protection. Legislation in the US, Europe, and Japan are explained in detail, making this a great opportunity to study real-life examples and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of different policies and their impact on privacy. (Read article)

Strong Networks: The Backbone for Modern Learning

New learning technologies and their impact on education are a key part of the ITGS syllabus. This article from EdTech magazines focuses on ‘behind the scenes’ technology: the network infrastructure needed to support these new developments. Examining the situation in a real-life school in Cicero, Illinois, the article explains the required hardware and software to support a large school with thousands of students. Packed with details of Gigabit routers, virtualization, cloud computing, and staff training, it is perfect for studying networks in strand 3. (Read article)

Controversial mass murder video game

The upcoming video game Hatred has seen quite a lot of press recently. Taking the role of an unnamed character who hates humanity, the goal of the game appears to be simply to kill as many people as possible. The graphic violence, including executions, make it one of the few games in Australia to earn an Adults-Only rating for violence. The article is a good opportunity to link with the Home and Leisure and the Health areas of ITGS, discuss the ethical issues related to such games, and examine the hardware developments which have made such realistic games. (Read article)

You can find sources for ITGS news articles here, and other roundups of articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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