ITGS Textbook special discount

ITGS textbook discount

Today Amazon launched some nice new features to really help authors like me. To celebrate, I’m offering a $5 discount from the price of the book when purchased from CreateSpace’s eStore. This brings the price down to $20.99 – a bargain, even if I say so myself.

To claim the discount, all you need to do is head over to the Createspace eStore and enter the discount code JT8JKY4N. You can apply this code to each book you purchase – so if you buy ten copies, you get a $50 discount. And of course, the sample chapter is still free to download from the book’s support web site.

The discount ends May 31st 2012.


  1. Hey Mr. Gray I was using your textbook and I found a "big" error. On page 82, it says that URL stands for "Universal Resource Locator" but it actually stands for Uniform Resource Locator. I love the book and just wanted to improve it.

    Oh yeah one more thing…would you mind explaining to me some "discrepancies" (I don't know if their really discrepancies, maybe I'm just misunderstanding) between your Strand 1 definitions and the ITGS guide's definitions? For example, the ITGS guide says that data can be unreliable if it is incorrectly entered. But, according to your definitions, it would seem more likely that one would say that that data is lacking integrity. Obviously the definitions are very similar, but there's a slight difference. Could you please explain?


    • Re URL: you are (mostly) right. 'Universal' is part of an older definition (see here) – but you are right in that I probably should use the most common, up to date definition, which is "Uniform".

      I think your question about social and ethical issues is a very good one. If you look at the guide it says "Reliability refers to …..the accuracy of data or the correspondence of data with the real world", and "Integrity refers to safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of stored data."

      So essentially the same definition: each refers to the "accuracy of data". Reliability in addition can refer to the operation of hardware and software. Ultimately I don't think it makes any difference whether you say "this data lacks integrity" or "this data is unreliable" – personally, I prefer the former.

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