Schools: High-tech versus No-tech

Image: Thomas Favre-Bulle CC-BY-NC

The Washington Post has an interesting article comparing two D.C. schools – one which embraces information technology and one which believes students should only be exposed to it later in their education.

The contrast couldn’t be starker: Flint High School starts their students with laptops, WiFi, and interactive whiteboards in grade 5, while students at the Washington Waldorf School use pen and paper until high school. But this does not mean they are stuck in a educational time-warp – the staff are quick to point out that by avoiding the “instant-gratification” that technology often brings, and by learning through real life experiences, student engagement and critical thinking is improved. They point to research that is often inconclusive about the benefits of technology in the classroom.

The article examines studies of the benefits and drawbacks of immersing children in technology and reaches some interesting conclusions. Definitely worth a read.

Source: Washington Post article

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