Preventing drunk driving using facial recognition technology

Drunk driving technology
Facial recognition technology could soon be used in vehicles to prevent drunk driving. Vehicles currently being tested use sensors on the steering wheel to detect alcohol levels in the sweat on the driver’s hands. If the level is above a certain amount, the car won’t start.

However, the system could be fooled relatively easily by having a sober passenger hold the wheel to pass the alcohol test, then allowing the drunk driver to continue. To prevent this workaround, designers are incorporating facial recognition technology that checks the face of the driver against a database of authorised drivers for that vehicle. The driver’s face will be checked periodically during driving to prevent driver switches. It isn’t clear what will happen if a driver switch is detected, or indeed if the driver starts drinking WHILE driving.

An added bonus of the system could be a reduced chance of theft thanks to the driver authentication system.

Source: ITBusiness

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