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F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

The ITGS exams are looming. In class we have practised almost all of the ITGS past papers for the current syllabus, both for the May exams and November. This last week we have looked at exam revision tips. Many of you have also completed the practice exam questions in the ITGS textbook.

Here are some more ITGS exam questions to help you with your final revision:

Question 1

Rebecca is a lawyer who recently bought the laptop advertised below. She will use the laptop to research cases, communicate with clients and colleagues, and write case notes during her daily commute.

Laptop advert - exam questions
a) i) Identify the amount of primary storage in this computer system. [1 mark]
ii) Identify the amount of secondary storage in this computer system. [1 mark]
b) Distinguish application software and operating system software. [2 marks]
c) Explain the purpose of a VPN. [2 marks]
d) Rebecca creates many photographs which are typically around 25MB in size. Calculate how many 25 MB photographs could be stored on a 500 GB hard drive. [2 marks]
 e) Rebecca has considered using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) but currently uses commercial software. Explain why some users may prefer to use commercial software rather than FOSS. [4 marks]
f) A lot of the data Rebecca will store on her computer is sensitive, and she is concerned about data security while travelling. Discuss the measures Rebecca could take to protect the data from unauthorised access. [8 marks]

Question 2

A hospital is implementing a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. The system will hold patient data including test results, treatments, and hospital visits. Later the system will be further developed to include medical imagery, such as digital x-ray results.

a) Define the term primary key. [2 marks]
b) Calculate the time required to download a 8 MB image on a 500 kbps network connection. [2 marks]
c) Describe two security measures that could be taken to protect the data in the EMR systems. [4 marks]
d) Compare lossy compression and lossless compression for the purpose of storing digital medical images. [4 marks]
e) Evaluate the benefits to patients and doctors of implementing the new EMR system. [8 marks]

Question 3

F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Motorsport teams need to make their cars as aerodynamically efficient as possible in order to achieve the best lap times. Traditionally teams would attach sensors to their cars to measure the airflow as they raced on track. Recently many teams have started to use computer models. These models replicate the flow of air around their car, enabling them to tweak their designs for optimum results.

a) i) Define the term computer model. [2 marks]
ii) Define the term feedback loop. [2 marks]
b) Explain two items of data that would need to be included in the computer model. [4 marks]
b) Explain why this, or any computer model, may not provide 100% accurate results. [4 marks]
c) Evaluate a racing team’s decision to rely solely on computer models for testing their car designs. [8 marks]

Question 4 (HL only)

Police arrest - practice exam question

A police force in the United Kingdom has started using an app to help decide whether a criminal poses a low, medium, or high risk of re-offending. The apps uses artificial intelligence to assist the decision making process. (Source: BBC)

a) Define the term expert system. [2 marks]
a) Define the term acceptance testing. [2 marks]
b) Describe one other situation in which artificial intelligence may be used. [2 marks]
c) Identify two stakeholders who should have been consulted during the development of this app. [2 marks]
 d) Explain the process this app might in order to come to a recommended decision. [4 marks]
e) Evaluate the social impacts and ethical implications of using artificial intelligence in this way. [8 marks]


    • Sorry, I haven’t published a markscheme publicly because then there is too much temptation for (my) students to look up the answers before answering the questions 🙂

  1. Are these questions from a particular exam? If so, I can purchase the mark scheme (and the test). Will you tell us where you pulled them from?

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