Olympic athletes use data logging to improve performance

Olympic athletes
DavidAJohn CC-BY-NC-SA

One of the sample ITGS Paper 2 news articles discusses how diabetics use glucose monitors to ensure their blood sugar levels are within a safe range. These results are then uploaded to a web site for a doctor to check.

Now Olympic athletes have turned to similar devices to find that tiny edge in performance which may lead them to gold. The Financial Times reports that athletes and trainers are using data logging technology to monitor glucose levels and sleep levels. By maintaining the glucose levels during the night, sleep quality is improved, which then leads to improved performance on track. Trainers can also cross reference data about sleep quality and duration with training performance to determine the optimum amount of sleep for on-track perfection.

Technology can monitor these variables much more frequently and for longer periods of time than a human, with measurements also being more precise and consistent. Software can automatically highlight small changes which may not be noticed by the athlete. With Olympic competition so close, the tiny improvements this technology leads to could make all the difference in the games.

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