Starting ITGS: The ITGS triangle, social / ethical issues, and command terms

The ITGS Triangle

A clear understanding of the ITGS Triangle and the IB Command Terms are essential to doing well in ITGS.

ITGS Triangle

The ITGS Triangle
(Download ITGS Triangle PDF)

Students need to understand that each strand of the course – IT Systems, social and ethical issues, and areas of application – always exist together in any ITGS scenario. Overlapping all of these strands are the stakeholders – those affected either positively or negatively by the IT System. The ITGS triangle always applies – whether it is a class assignment or an exam answer, each area of the triangle must be referenced to obtain the best marks.

ITGS Command Terms

ITGS Command Terms
(Download ITGS command terms PDF)

ITGS command terms signal the level of thinking skill required. At the lower level, knowledge recall and description are tested. At the application level, students must apply their knowledge by including reasons or explanation. At the highest level, in depth analysis, argument, and evaluation is required.

Command terms are also closely related to the available marks: shorter 1 or 2 mark questions use command terms including Identify and Define, while Evaluate and Discuss require a longer and more detailed answer but offer many more marks.

There are more ITGS resources and handouts for the first lesson on the ITGS textbook web site.

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