5 ITGS TED Talks under 6 minutes


Podcasts and videos are great tools for the ITGS classroom. TED Talks cover contemporary topics which often relate to the ITGS syllabus, but many of them can be a bit too long for lesson starters or plenaries. The five TED Talks below all cover ITGS related topics – and all run to less than 6 minutes. Perfect for discussion starters!

The jobs we’ll lose to machines — and the ones we won’t

This video makes a good starter for a class discussion on the types of jobs which may or may not be replaced by computers. Goldbloom examines the types of jobs where artificial intelligence has already replaced humans (such as sorting mail or scanning medical images for abnormalities). He also discusses the characteristics of jobs that suit automation and those which still require the human touch.

How we’ll find life on other planets

Initially this video doesn’t look like it relates to ITGS. However, Aomawa Shields explains how the sheer difficulty of observing distant planets – some of them thousands of light years away – means computer modelling takes on a much more important role. Shields uses climate models – based on those we have developed to model Earth’s climate – to investigate the likelihood of life-supporting climates and conditions existing on these far off exo-planets.

How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intellgience (AI) is one of the ITGS HL topics. This video discusses the changing nature of Artificial Intelligence and how it might grow from its current uses. Kelly also examines the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and what this might mean for the future development of technology.

Print your own medicine

In this video Lee Cronin talks about the future of 3D printing. He suggests that we may be able to develop printers capable not just of creating objects, but of producing “universal chemistry sets”. Using such a printer and a set of universal “inks”, Cronin says users could print individual molecules. Potentially this could allow the printing of generic medicine – and even personalised medicines.

Your online life, permanent as a tattoo

This extremely interesting video delves deeper into the idea of online safety and digital footprints. Juan Enriquez examines the social impacts of the facial recognition technology which is now a feature of several major social networks – and discusses how large databases of faces could be used by a wide range of stakeholders. This is another TED Talk which is an excellent ITGS discussion starter.

5 ITGS TED Talks under 6 minutes
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5 ITGS TED Talks under 6 minutes
5 TED Talks directly related to the ITGS syllabus, from modelling exoplanets to developing new AI techniques. Perfect for classroom discussion starters!
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Stuart Gray
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