ITGS Revision game – Banned Words (Computer Hardware)

ITGS revision game - Banned Words

Banned Words is an ITGS revision game for ITGS students and teachers that makes for a useful starter or plenary activity. Students develop their vocabulary and explanation skills by explaining supplied term to their team mates. However, they must do so without mentioning the banned words listed on their card. The concept is similar Taboo(TM) or Forbidden Words(TM). Two or more teams can play.

Previously I have used paper cards to play this game (you can download them from my web site), but now I have gone hi-tech and paper free! This presentation covers the keywords related to Computer Hardware from the beginning of Strand 3 in the ITGS syllabus. You can view the presentation on Slideshare or download it. The downloadable version uses a macro to select a random term each time until all terms are covered exactly once. (This is achieved using VBA code, so Office may give you a security warning).

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