ITGS Revision Flashcards – All topics

ITGS revision flashcards
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I’ve put ITGS revision flashcards online for all topics. You can use the links below or access them all here. The ITGS glossary on the textbook web site has also been updated to include more terms and definitions for everything.

Remember, the purpose of these flashcards is not to memorise the terms and definitions, but to help you expand your IT vocabulary so you can use these terms in ALL your exam answers (especially the paper 1 part c essays). In the exam you have to show that you have been studying ITGS for two years – you should be using terminology that the average person on the street (who hasn’t studied ITGS!) would not necessarily understand. With only two weeks of class left, you should be revising already and producing a list of topics that you want to go over in lessons.

ITGS Revision Flashcards:

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