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From computer storage to cybersecurity, here are 6 ITGS related infographics to decorate your classroom and help students revise. If you enjoy these, you might want to look at the other infographics I have posted: infographics for ITGS (1, 2, 3), smart home infographics, and big data infographics. You can also find many more on the ITGS Pinterest page.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

This first infographic actually fits in well with the 2017 ITGS case study. In the case study the company KHT are developing a series of wearable devices to monitor users’ health. The Internet of Things is one of the technologies mentioned in the case study booklet. This infographic divides IoT into three main areas: sensors, connectivity, and people and processes.

Internet of Things (IoT) infographic

How much data is that?

Hardware basics such as storage devices are covered in section 3.1 of the ITGS syllabus. This infographic not only shows the standard storage units and how they relate to each other, it gives clear examples of what can be stored in certain amounts of space. This helps students understand the relationship between storage media and the number of items that can be stored on them. For example, a low resolution photograph comes in at around 100 Kb, while 100 Mb will enable you to store two encyclopaedia volumes.

Data storage infographic


Network cables

This graphic summarises the most common types of network cable. ITGS students don’t need to know the physical composition of the cables. However this poster is still helpful as a visual reference for the different media types available. It could also be used to start a discussion about the relative speeds of each cable type, and the bandwidth needs for various applications (e.g. web browsing, VoIP).

Network cable infographics


What’s the greatest cybersecurity threat?

Computer security is a major social and ethical issues in the ITGS syllabus. Discussions of almost every topic – from Business and Employment, Health, and Politics, to databases and communications – will touch on security as an issue. However, it is surprising how often ITGS students do not understand just how many different threats may exist. This infographic does a good job of enumerating these. It examines threats from a Business and Employment standpoint and covers several that students may not have considered (such as insider jobs). The ‘motives’ and ‘targets’

Cybersecurity infographic

The Possibilities of a 3D Printer

I’ve posted several times about 3D printers. This infographic suggests a range of possible applications for the technology, across many different disciplines. This includes rather rather fanciful and currently unrealistic examples, such as 3D printing. Nevertheless, with 3D printing technology still quite immature, who is to say how it may develop in the next few years?

3D printing infographic


Know your file types

Last week we reviewed image file formats. This infographic summarises the key points for the three most common formats: JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

PNG JPEG infographic
ITGS infographics: from computer storage to cybersecurity, here are 6 ITGS related diagrams to decorate your classroom and help students revise.
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