ITGS Project: Criterion E: Product Development

ITGS project criterion e
Now you have your ITGS project’s design and test plan complete, it is time to start producing your product (criterion e), always using the specifications and designs that you created in criteria B and D. The development process needs carefully documenting in several ways:
  • You need to take screenshots of the key steps. These will be need to write up the documentation for criteria E. I recommend making dozens of screenshots during product development: if you don’t need them later, you can delete them – but if you need a screenshot and you didn’t take one, you cannot ‘undo’ the progress you have made since then.
  • Criteria C needs updating to reflect the progress you are making, as always.
  • I need to see you developing your project. Although the project can (and will) be homework, we need to have class time developing your product too. This gives you a chance to get guidance if you need it, to use the classroom resources, and it also helps me ensure you are developing the project yourself (sorry, but it is true).

Criterion E is not all about creating the product: you must also explain (with screenshots) the key steps you took during the creation, whilst referring to your three complex techniques that you selected earlier in the project. Your criterion E document should only contain details of these complex techniques – not the basic ones. Finally, you also need to justify your choice and use of techniques – often this can be done by referring to the client’s needs or to accepted good practice in your product area (e.g. it is generally accepted good practice to use a consistent layout for most web pages or DTP products to aid user navigation).

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