ITGS Project: Criterion C – Schedule

ITGS Project criterion C

Criterion C – Project Schedule – should detail all work on the project throughout the course of the internal assessment. It should include details of each significant event, the follow-up action you will take, the date the work was completed, and the criterion to which it relates. Most criteria in the project will have multiple entries in the schedule as work on them will take some time.

Note that because the schedule is criterion C (rather than A), your first task will be to create entries relating to me first introducing the ITGS project to the class, and the work you have done so far on criteria A and B. After that you should keep criterion C up to date as you progress.

Read more about the next section, Criterion D.


  1. Hey I was a bit confused about something when I was filling out my crit c. As we construct our schedule before we do any other criterions, do we need to write in future tense? I would be glad if someone could help.

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