ITGS News articles from last week

ITGS news articles

News articles have also been a key source of information and discussion material in ITGS. Here are four ITGS news articles from the last week.

Should ethics or intuition guide driverless cars?

Driverless car ethicsThis article from Science Daily discusses how driverless vehicles should be programmed to make moral judgements. In situations where an accident is unavoidable, making the decision about what to hit is a critical question (known as the Trolley Problem). This is even more relevant in the light of the recent Uber driverless vehicle fatality and the revelation that the car did detect the pedestrian crossing the road, but chose not to take evasive action. This is a good article for linking ITGS and TOK (in fact, there are two TOK key terms just in the headline!). It is also links to the IB Computer Science case study for 2018. Read the full article here.


UK broadband speeds leap ahead

Broadband digital divideWhen considering the social and ethical issue of the Equality of Access and the Digital Divide, it is easy to think only of the gaps that exist between more economically developed countries and less economically developed countries. Often we often that digital divides can exist within countries too. Only last year Time reported that a quarter of the US has no access to broadband Internet. This BBC article examines the urban – rural digital divide within the UK. It is good source material for a discussion about the different types of digital inequality that can exist, and what their impacts may be. Read the full article here.


Workers banned from using USB sticks at IBM

USB stickA slightly more mundane article, but still very relevant to ITGS. A ban on USB sticks at IBM is a good starting point for a discussion about basic computer security techniques, including physical security and trust. Of course, one of the most famous hacks – that of the Pentagon in 2008 – was performed by dropping infected USB sticks in military car parks. Read the full article here.


Facial recognition technology is creepy

Facial recognition technologyThis article examines China’s latest developments in facial recognition technology. So far the new system uses over 170 million cameras to search for people entered into a police database. It has already successfully located a wanted criminal, when it found his face among a crowd of 60,000 people at a concert. There are clear links here to the Politics and Government section of the ITGS syllabus, and a number of important social and ethical issues too. You can read the full article here.


These are just four articles from this week. The ITGS news articles archive contains lots more examples across many topics.

ITGS News articles from last week
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ITGS News articles from last week
News articles have also been a key source of information and discussion in ITGS. Here are four ITGS news articles from the last week, covering topics from security to privacy and surveillance, ethics, the digital divide,and even TOK.
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