ITGS Exam: Where to find revision help

ITGS revision
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With 10 days to go, I will take this opportunity to remind you of the ITGS revision resources you have available:

SL and HL Students

  1. This blog contains revision tips to help with difficult topics
  2. The textbook should be used to help with difficult topics
  3. The glossary of terms should be used to look up unfamiliar terms
  4. The ITGS flashcards can help test your IT knowledge
  5. Practice paper 1s are on our class wiki (private)
  6. Practice paper 2 articles are on our class wiki (non-ABC students can find them here)
  7. We will have a last minute – revision session from 10am to 11.15am on Friday
  8. I am available for revision any time we would normally have classes

HL Students

  1. Chapter 15 of the textbook will help with HL IT Systems in Organisations
  2. You have a copy of the 2012 Case Study booklet – Theatre Booking System


  1. I just have a question about the "Analyse" command term. The definition isn't very helpful. Is it like explain + bring up advantages/disadvantages (but without final evaluation/conclusion)? I got an 'Analyse' question today in a practice paper and was a bit confused as to what the question wanted from me.

    • This question is sometimes asked on the OCC too, and unfortunately never seems to receive a clear reply. The ITGS guide says "Break down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure.", which does suggest that your interpretation is correct.

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