ITGS Revision – exam tips and resources

Source: Amy Sian Green

The ITGS exams are close once again, and a few people have emailed me recently asking for help with revision. Here are a few links that deal with exam technique or revision resources. Of course, I recommend buying the book too, but I am biased!

The free ITGS Revision Flashcards – All topics have also been a popular way of learning some of the key IT terminology.
First, some help with writing the exam papers themselves:

These articles deal with common exam mistakes and how to avoid them:

Further revision resources:


  1. Hello Mr. Gray, I just have some questions about the ITGS exam!

    1) What's the difference between Evaluate and Discuss? I'm pretty sure that Evaluate requires you to consider benefits and drawbacks and come to a final judgement about if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa. But does Discuss require you to do the same? It seems similar but I'm not sure if it requires a 'final judgment' per se.

    2) What is "Introduction to Project Management"? It's on the ITGS guide but not in your book (well, it is kinda as an HL topic and I'm in SL). Do we need to know this for the exam?


    • 1) According to the guide, "evaluate" requires you to "make an appraisal", which as you suggest, requires weighing up / concluding. Discuss requires a "considered and balanced review" but does not talk about appraisals.

      2) Introduction to Project Management is the part of the course related to the Internal Assessment project. It is for all students (SL and HL).

    • Thank you for responding.
      Just to be clear, Introduction to Project Management is for the Internal Assessment only and is not assessed on the final exams?

  2. Hi, sorry. I’ve just read that the ITGS guide will change for 2021. I will take my examinations at that year, that means I should use that new guide? or still use the 2010 one?

    • Hi, it is the “normal” guide, with the major exception of the changes because of Covid-19. But the basic guide document is still the same one.

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