ITGS Exam Mistakes to Avoid

ITGS Exam Mistakes

Here are some common ITGS exam mistakes you should avoid when you write the paper 1 exam tomorrow:

Avoid writing similar answers
If asked for multiple answers, avoid writing two answers that are basically the same. For example: “What are two uses for computers in school?” “Students can use them in class” and “students can use them to research” are basically the same answer. You need to make them distinct.

Avoid extreme or unlikely answers
Avoid writing about impacts which seem a bit crazy, extreme, or unlikely (“terrorists might get people’s private data from Facebook and attack them”).

Avoid comfort writing
Avoid writing filler material to make yourself feel better. This includes introductions and repeating the question. For example:

Q. Evaluate the issues related to laptops in schools

A: “Well, there are many different issues related to the use of laptops in schools, and these might affect different people in different ways, either negatively or positively. In my answer I am going to evaluate these issues”

Writing this is totally pointless. Of course there are many issues – that is why you are being asked about them! Of course they might affect people – that’s the whole point of ITGS!! And I know you are going to evaluate them – that is what the question asks you to do!


    • In general, yes. If a student writes an answer which is correct but isn’t on the mark scheme, it will probably be added.

  1. Hi there! Quick question, my exam is this May and I was wondering how hard is it to achieve a 7 at ITGS SL. Also, what is your top tip for the exam?

      • As you might expect the May 2016 exam covered a lot of topics. I don’t have my spare copies of the exam papers right now, but I remember there being a fair coverage of the syllabus. It is worth noting that the exam papers are copyrighted material, so the only legal way to acquire them is to purchase them from the IB Store. Your school’s IB Coordinator might have already done this, so it is worth asking (they aren’t cheap).

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