ITGS Lesson – Dragon’s Den

ITGS Lesson plan - Dragon's Den game

This is a fun little ITGS lesson activity which I tried recently with my new grade 11 students, based on the Dragon’s Den TV series. We are in the middle of a unit covering sections 3.1 Hardware and 3.2 Software of the syllabus (chapters 1 to 3 of my textbook) and have learnt about common input, output, and storage devices as well as starting to analyse some of the social and ethical impacts of technology from strand 1. This activity synthesizes some of that knowledge, as well as giving students an opportunity to practise presentation skills (mine were surprisingly good) and involve some creativity (I think Creative really should be on the IB Learner Profile).

This ITGS lesson involves students inventing a (realistic, it must be stressed!) new use for one of six technologies, including RFID, QR codes, and GPS. Students sometimes struggle to come up with examples of these technologies in their exams and I found that in the process of this activity they not only came up with new ideas but also discovered a few existing ones too. In true Dragon’s Den style, students must pitch their idea to the class, focusing on the positive social impacts in an attempt to earn the class’ ‘investment’.

My students came up with some quite innovative ideas, and it was interesting to see how they came to understand the capabilities and limitations of each technology, as well as how they viewed the role of technology in our lives (some had ideas which clearly raised a few social and ethical concerns, which enabled a further discussion about privacy and other issues).

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