ITGS Case Study 2016 – 5 Infographics

Smart homes ITGS infographics

The 2016 ITGS case study focuses on smart home technology. In the case study booklet the fictional Brix Homes company, based in Brisbane Australia, is seeking to develop new smart homes estates. A wide range of smart home technologies exist and more are being developed all the time. Some of the examples given in the case study booklet include the Internet of Things (IoT) and ITTT (If This Then That) recipes.

Below are 5 Smart Homes infographics that provide good starting points for ITGS case study research and also make nice additions to the ITGS classroom wall.

1. Smart Home Cutaway

This first infographic provides a high-level overview of a smart home to help ITGS students realise the different areas that can benefit from this technology.

Smart homes cutaway
Smart Homes overview – infographic

2. Who’s Inviting Smart Tech into Homes?

The increasing number of people adopting smart home technology is the subject of this infographic. This could help start classroom discussions about the potential impacts and effects of such technology.

ITGS case study 2016 - infographic
Smart Tech – infographic

3. Honda Smart Home US

Honda, like many technology companies, are developing their own demonstratioin smart homes. The Honda Smart Home is “packed with advanced sensors” and offers all kinds of automation options. You can view more details about the house at Honda Smart Home.

Honda smart home - ITGS case study
Honda smart home – infographic

4. What happens in a smart home?

The great thing about this infographic is the way it breaks down smart home technology into individual rooms. This could be the start of a quick ITGS group activity – assigning pairs of students to investigate the possibilities of home automation in one particular room – and then collecting the results together in a shared document or class wiki.

Smart home infographic
Smart home layout – infographic

5. Home Smart Home

Although some aspects of this infographic are clearly fantasy (“flying suit”, anyone?), it has important information about consumers’ feelings and preferences towards smart home technology. In the case study booklet, users’ attitudes towards technology may play a key role in its adoption, even if there is “nothing wrong” with the fundamental technology itself.

ITGS Case study 2016 infographic
What Americans want from a smart home – Infographic

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