Internet cable damage causes major disruption

Internet cable damage
The SEA-ME-WE 4 cable shown in white, brings Internet access to Bangladesh (Image: Greg's Cable Map)

Bangladesh has suffered major Internet cable damage, with an undersea cable being accidentally cut. The SEA-ME-WE 4 cable is a major source of Internet access to India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, and the only submarine connection to Bangladesh. Businesses have been suffering extremely slow connections which has severely affected their operations, especially those involved in outsourcing and teleworking.

Ultra-high speed undersea cables form the Internet backbone which transfers data between countries and continents. Often almost all Internet communications for an entire country are routed through just a hand full of cables, meaning damage to one causes significant problems.

In January 2008 millions of Internet users in the Middle East an Asia lost Internet access after a backbone cable off the coast of Italy was cut by a ship. The lack of access severely restricted many businesses in an area of the world known for its growing hi-tech industries.

Source: BBC News article

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