Hardware and Software – revision activity

Hardware and software class activity

Hardware and software are two of the more technical topics in the ITGS syllabus. ITGS students must understand the key parts of a computer system (input, processing, output, and storage), and the two main types of software used (operating systems and application software).

ITGS is not a Computer Science course. However, a detailed and accurate understanding of the above concepts is essential if you are to effectively analyse the social impacts of technology. It is also very difficult to suggest solutions to problems (for example in the Paper 2 exam) if you do not know the features and characteristics of available technologies.

Sections 3.1 Hardware and 3.2 Software are two of the earliest topics we study in ITGS (they are covered inĀ chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the ITGS textbook). These topics are also constantly referred to when analysing news articles and studying other topics.

The image above shows a quick hardware and software revision activity. Completing the table should help students recall examples of hardware (input, output, and storage technologies) and examples of operating system and application software. The PDFs can be displayed on a projector or printed out as a handout.

You can download the activity sheet and the solution sheet.

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