Get your ITGS Technical Terms Glossary

ITGS Technical terms glossary

Struggling to keep track of all those ITGS technical terms? Need a glossary of the key terms and their definitions? I’m happy to say you can now download a ready-to-use ITGS glossary handbook with the full list of ITGS technical terms and their definitions. The glossary is divided by chapter (based on the textbook) and allows you to easily check off the terms that have already been studied. There is also space at the end of each chapter to add any new terms that come up during the ITGS course.

The PDF file has been attractively formatted and set up for double-sided printing, but for those who prefer an online glossary, the document is also available as an Microsoft Word file. Both documents can be downloaded from the glossary page of the ITGS textbook web site. Many thanks to Dominique Laloux for preparing these files – I am sure a lot of teachers and students will find them very useful.

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