4 Free audio books for ITGS

Free ITGS audio books

Audio book company Audible have a great offer at the moment which allows you to try their service for 30 days, free of charge. During the trial period you receive two free audio books of your choice (with Audible UK it is only one free book). Even if you decide to cancel the trial, you can still keep the free books – so there really is nothing to lose. Each book also has a short audio preview so you can sample before you commit.

There are over 180,000 books available on Audible, so there are obviously quite a few related to ITGS. Here are some of the best ones I have tried so far:

Rise of the Robots

Books about developments in robotic technologies are nothing new, but Rise of the Robots audio bookRise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future is one of the more recent entries into the genre and as such covers the very latest developments.

The book fits in well with the ITGS strand 2 topics, covering the impact of robots in blue and white collar jobs (Business and Employment), healthcare, and education. The examples are up to date but also put into context of earlier developments, allowing an understanding of the speed and direction of change.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities audio bookSmart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia discusses the relatively new move towards wired cities – using sensors in buildings, vehicles, and infrastructure to provide a ‘smarter’, more efficient city. From storm warning systems to snow plow maps, Smart Cities talks about the benefits – and potential drawbacks – to collecting and using these vast amounts of information. A great task after listening to this book would be to ask students to devise new and innovative ways data from smart cities could be used in the future, considering smart phone technology and pervasive Internet connectivity.

Computerised You

Computerised You free audio bookComputerised You: How Wearable Technology will Turn us into Computers discusses some of the latest developments in wearable technology, including Google Glass and the plethora of health tracking devices now available. The audio book provides plenty of examples of how these technologies are being used, including in healthcare and in sports. Like Smart Cities above, Computerised You is good source material for student discussions about the future of such technologies and the paths development might take.

The Art of Deception

The Art of Deception audio bookThe Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security is a great book which I already own in paperback format. I find many ITGS and Computer Science students who are interested in hacking and computer security regularly borrow this from my classroom.

I’m mentioning The Art of Deception here because of the ability to get it free with the Audible trial. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the narrator on this audio book, but nevertheless it is worth a try.

Audible includes many audio books that sound like they would be useful for ITGS, but which I have not had time to try yet. Wiki Government and Future Crimes are two which look promising. There are also several titles I have covered before on my ITGS wider reading page including KingpinGhost in the Wires, Zero Day, and America the Vulnerable.

You can sign up for the Audible free trial (US) or the UK version.

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