Five ITGS news articles from Australia

ITGS news articles
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I think I should read the Sydney Morning Herald more often. Even when other newspapers have slow days, it seems to have a lot of interesting stories. Here are five ITGS news articles from today:

Hollywood studios sunk in Internet piracy wars

The Australian High Court has ruled that an Internet Service Provider is not responsible for copyright infringement performed by its users. Major Hollywood studios wanted the iiNet ISP to cut off Internet connections to users it says downloaded illegal copies of films. Major Hollywood studios claimed that the iiNet ISP was “authorising” illegal downloads by providing an Internet service to customers accused of downloading illegal content. Source: Full article

Take a break from Lady Gaga and stay tuned to the traffic instead

Following on from yesterday’s post about texting pedestrians being fined, New South Wales police are campaigning to reduce the number of pedestrian versus traffic accidents. They say pedestrians using headphones and mobile phones are contributing to the high number of road fatalities. Source: Full article

Body heat-powered computers a step closer

Scientists are investigating the possibility of creating computers powered by the ‘waste’ heat created by our bodies and surroundings. Such computers could have environmental benefits and prolonged “battery” life. Source: Full article

Why your Wi-Fi network is never safe

Although this is quite an old topic – securing wireless networks – it makes for some useful revision and a reminder that default passwords on all equipment should be changed, and old WEP and WPA encryption protocols should be avoided. Source: Full article

Woman in divorce row loses job fight

An employee of the Australian Federal Police lost her job after she illicitly used the police computer to check up on her husband, whom she was divorcing. She broke the police’s code of conduct by getting friends to access database records about her husband. Source: Full article

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