Expert System Examples

saxcubano CC-BY-NC-ND

Expert systems are a key part of the ITGS HL topics, along with artificial intelligence and robotics. Diagnostics is a common function of expert systems, whether it be in the knowledge domain of car repairs, computer faults, or medicine. The financial industries also make heavy use of expert systems to detect possible fraud or suspicious transactions, while the insurance industry does a similar thing for insurance claims.

To better understand the features of expert systems and possible knowledge domains, real examples are useful. Below are several online expert system demos which ITGS students and teachers may find helpful:

  • WebFlex Demos Examples include insurance fraud detection and car ranking.
  • Exsys Corvid Expert System Many expert systems – I particular like the restaurant recommender and the dog breed selector.
  • Whale Watcher An expert system which identifies species of whale by their characteristics

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