Environmental Impacts of IT

Environmental impacts

The environmental impacts of IT are a key part of the ITGS syllabus. Many electronic waste (e-waste) lesson resources are available, including some on my website. Power consumption, and the related environmental impacts, is another important topic in this area. The two videos below discuss these two parts of the “IT and the Environment” topic and make for good lesson starters or thought-provokers.

How Dirty is the Cloud?

Most of us now use at least a few cloud computing services. Online email, online document systems like Google Docs, iCloud, online backup systems, and Facebook to name a few. All cloud computing systems store large amounts of user data in huge data centres. These centres house vast numbers of servers and consume enormous amounts of power. The video below explores some of the possible environmental impacts of computing in the cloud.

Pull Apart Your iPhone

The iPhone set records for sales – over 5 million units in the first weekend. But the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, like many modern devices, has hidden and potentially serious environmental impacts.

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