Database queries – Grade 12 revision

MS Acccess database revision

Some of you are struggling to fully understand database queries. Practising these skills is a much more effective way than just “memorising” the answer. Use this database to create the following queries in Microsoft Access. Check each one carefully to make sure it works:

  1. All books by Ed Viesturs
  2. All books by English or American authors
  3. Factual books that are not paperbacks
  4. Books about mountaineering written after 2006
  5. Books with 600 or more pages
  6. Factual books published by Penguin

After you have completed these, answer the following questions:

  1. In a supermarket database, describe the steps to create a query to show all products with less than 5 items in stock. [4 marks]
  2. In a crime database, describe the steps to create a query to show all robberies between 1 May 2011 and 15 May 2011. [4 marks]
  3. In a school database, describe the steps a teacher would take to create a query that shows all students with a predicted grade of less than 4 in any HL subject. [4 marks]

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