Correct the Teacher: ITGS Activity

Correct the Teacher is a nice little activity idea a colleague shared with me recently, and is useful for ITGS lesson starters, plenaries, and revision lessons. The idea is simple but effective: create a short piece of text focusing on a given ITGS topic, but include deliberate mistakes. Students have to read the text, check for any errors and, crucially, correct those errors. They seem to find correcting the teacher quite fun!

I’ve found this really helps reinforce key IT concepts, and can also be used to draw attention to language errors that often cause students problems in exams. My example below focuses on common Spanish-English language errors, so your mileage may vary.

Software contains the hardware. There are two main types of software: operating system software and application software. Operating systems such as Microsoft and Mac OS manage the computer’s hardware, control the programs that are running, allocate resources, and manage security. Application software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and LibreOffice are more specific.Two common licences for software are commercial and FOSS (Free and Open Source). Commercial software is sold, whereas the people who elaborate FOSS give it away for free. It is illegal to copy commercial software and it is illegal to sell FOSS.

You can download the full text of Correct the Teacher – Computer hardware and software as well as a version with solutions highlighted.

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