Computer security posters

Computer security glossary
Computer security glossary from NCSC

Posters and infographics are a great way to decorate a classroom. A computer science colleague recently pointed me to theĀ National Cyber Security Centre’s website, which has a range of computer security advice posters. These are written for both businesses and home users and cover a range of ITGS related topics including:

  • Password security
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • BYOD policies

Two of my favourites are the glossary posters (above) which give clear definitions of computer security related terms, including pharming, pentesting, smishing, and patching. With security threats constantly changing and the ITGS syllabus now quite a few years old, it is good to have a resource like this that covers the latest terms.

The posters are all licensed under the Open Government licence, which is quite liberal.

Computer security poster
Computer security poster from NCSC
Computer security posters
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Computer security posters
Posters and infographics are a great way to decorate a classroom. The National Cyber Security Centre has security advice posters on a range of ITGS topics.
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Stuart Gray
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