Computer models: background reading

Hiker in Patagonia

Computer models predicts path of lost hikers

A researcher at Brigham Young University’s Computer Science Department has developed a computer model to predict the path a hiker might take when lost. The model considers the type of terrain and vegetation around the hiker’s last known position, and increases the possible search area as time passes, based on typical walker speeds. Source: Full article

Why economic models will always be wrong

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Economics models are used to predict financial risk, and in many causes are responsible for automatic trading as part of AI trading system. Such models are blamed for helping cause the 2008 financial crash. This Scientific American article claims such models will always be wrong, and explains why.

Source: Scientific American article

Technology powers F1 Williams team

Lotus F1
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Aerodynamics are critical to Formula 1 racing teams. This short video shows a model of the airflow over an F1 car, with different colours are used to represent different air speeds. Modelling air or liquid flow is typically known as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Source: BBC News article

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