ITGS case study 2017 & KHT: 6 videos

Smart watch

With the IB exams looming, it is time to review our research for the ITGS case study 2017. Kita Health Tech (KHT) are the developers of several smart technology systems, including a smart watch. They are investigating the development of future hardware and software systems, as well as the policies they need to implement to accompany these developments. This area of technology is changing rapidly, so it is important to keep up to date with the very latest developments. You can also review our resources on our website.

10 the best smart watches

This video is not just a regular review or quick summary video. Instead it goes into a lot of detail about the individual features each smart watch has, how they compare, and how they are changing. The video also has technical detail relating to the various smart watch operating systems in use, which rises several ITGS issues. This is a good primer video for the 2017 case study as it opens up lots of points for later discussion, research, and expansion.

Do you know where your wearable’s data is going?

KHT are concerned about issues of data privacy and security (line 111 of the case study booklet). This video from Internet security company AVG addresses these potential problems. Both positive and negative impacts of monitoring health data and fitness data are covered. For example, health data may help give early warning of a health problem, but could also be sold to insurance companies without the user’s knowledge. A great class activity is to watch this video and then discuss who might be interested in acquiring access to the types of data mentioned.

Wearable Tech Expands Human Potential

This TED video is a good introduction to wearable technology, the options available, and the data that can be measured. The video also has suggestions for how wearable technology may change in the future.

5 Futuristic Wearable Tech Inventions

Not all of the five wearable technologies in this video directly relate to the ITGS case study. The AMPL backpack with the integrated battery and charger is one such example. However, the Kerv smart ring and the Rufus Cuff are definitely worth investigating. KHT might definitely want to implement some of these ideas!

Bluetooth Smart vs ANT+

This video is a comprehensive summary of using Bluetooth and ANT+ to connect sensors and sporting equipment. The explanations are clear and backed up by real life demonstrations. Bluetooth is a ‘competitor’ to ANT+, so it is worth knowing the relative merits and drawbacks.

The Next Black – A Documentary about the Future of Clothing

The Next Black is somewhat different to the other videos here, being a full length professionally filmed documentary. The film examines clothing companies ranging from new start ups to well known brands such as Patagonia and adidas. The companies here may well be in a similar situation to KHT in the case study. As a general documentary not all topics relate to paper 3, but there are still many examples which apply to KHT and the situation in the case study.

ITGS case study 2017 & KHT: 6 videos
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ITGS case study 2017 & KHT: 6 videos
6 videos for the ITGS case study 2017 covering numerous examples of hardware, software, and policies relating to Kita Health Tech (KHT).
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