ITGS Case Study 2014: Cobb Publishing and E-Books

ITGS case study 2014
Irish TypePad CC-NC-ND

The 2014 ITGS Case Study was released recently, providing the background material for the May and November 2014 Paper 3 exam (the November 2013 exam is still based on the Red Dragon Taxi Company case study).

The 2014 case study is titled Cobb Publishing and E-Books, and focuses (as the title suggests) on the e-book publishing industry, including technologies related to self-publishing, Digital Rights Management (DRM), e-book readers, and interactive e-books. It looks like the case study will provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore all three strands of the ITGS triangle and (as is required in Paper 3) perform their own in-depth research related to the case study scenario.

To provide some background information I have added links to relevant background material and articles over at the ITGS textbook web site. The case study document can be downloaded from the IB’s Online Curriculum Centre.

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