Case Study 2013 – Technology to monitor driving behaviour

ITGS case study 2013

I discovered this driver monitoring web site today which offers reduced car insurance for drivers willing to have a smart box installed in their vehicle to monitor how they drive. It is a great example for the case study 2013. The box records variables including vehicle speed, driving time (insurance policies may restrict you from driving during certain times when accidents are more likely), and vehicle location (using GPS). Insurance companies say this can help personalise insurance policies for individuals, for example reducing premiums for those who drive infrequently. The GPS can also be useful to track the vehicle in the event of theft.

In addition to being related to the Transport topic of Business and Employment, this technology also relates to the ITGS Paper 3 Case Study 2013 – Red Dragon Taxi Company, where one of the requirements is vehicle monitoring. Line 116 of the Case Study says:

The management of Red Dragon Taxi Company has announced that CCTV equipment will be installed to monitor the activities in the taxi in the interests of driver and customer    safety.

GPS and GPRS will also provide the location of the vehicles. However, this raises concerns from the drivers about employee monitoring. Different monitoring systems are being investigated.

It will be good to look into this in more detail in the next few weeks.

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