Case Study 2013: Red Dragon Taxi Company

Red Dragon Case Study 2013

I’ve had the first of what will surely be many reads through the Paper 3 Case Study 2013. This really looks like one that will lend itself well to primary research for ITGS students. However, for now I have had an initial search for secondary sources. I will use these to help students better understand the requirements of the Red Dragon Taxi Company. Hopefully you will find them useful…

Mentor Engineering
Mentor Engineering offers case studies of its users and detailed information about its dispatch and fleet tracking products. Many of the features mentioned on the web site are exactly the same as those required by the Red Dragon case study.

DDS Taxi Fleet Optimization
This detailed page includes information for small and large taxi fleets, and in-car technologies such as GPS and satellite navigation systems, which the case study document specifically mentions.

The Cordic Booking and Dispatch System has a section on mobile phone apps which could be relevant to the Red Dragon Taxi Company and the ITGS case study. There is a lot of detail here including benefits for drivers and dispatchers, and step by step screenshots.

Autocab is a huge company with a very detailed page including case studies of companies who use its software. It also includes sections relating to many of the case study requirements, including GPRS, two-way radios, and loyalty cards for regular customers.

Taxi Central
Taxi Central dispatch software appears to be hosted software that taxi companies pay a monthly rental fee to use. In this case, it would seem to be applicable to the case study which mentions Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Cabmaster site is a little thin on information but does contain a promotional video¬† (25 minutes long!) which contains some useful information – for example, the idea of informing customers of the vehicle’s details so they cannot be picked up by scam drivers (a big problem in some parts of the world).

The ITGS textbook site has more resources and lesson activities for the case study 2013.

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