Book Review: The Accidental Billionaires

The Accidental Billionaires book

In The Accidental Billionaires Ben Mezrich tells the story of the creation of Facebook and its founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin (the filmĀ  was later based on Mezrich’s work). We learn of the social network’s early foundations, which is surrounded by controversy and allegations of stolen ideas. Mezrich also goes some way towards helping us understand the mentality of geniuses who come up with unconventional but ultimately successful ideas, and the effect that wealth, megastar status, and greed can have on people. Some of the events that occur as corporations vie to monetise Facebook are spectacular. Ultimately it feels that though Mezrich doesn’t even like the characters in the book, and there appear to be no real winners.It is worth noting however that The Accidental Billionairs is not a serious or academic history of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg did not cooperate with the author (though Saverin did) and in fact, Mezrich explains in the introduction that many of his sources were fragmented and he has done his best to piece them together. Mezrich’s style is accessible and entertaining, written more in the style of a thriller. It makes interesting ITGS related reading, and I imagine teenage readers would probably enjoy it particularly.

The Accidental Billionaires is available in paperback or on the Kindle, and with free worldwide shipping from Book Depository.

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