5 Big Data infographics for the ITGS Case Study 2015

With the May IB exams just around the corner, it is time to start revision of all topics on the ITGS syllabus, including the paper 3 case study. By now students should have collected a wide range of both secondary and primary research, be extremely familiar with the stakeholders and situation in the case study booklet, and be able to apply their research to the scenario described there.

As a quick reminder of some of the key concepts, here are five infographics that cover some of the key ideas and issues related to Big Data. You can also view my previous posts 7 examples of Big Data and 7 Videos about Big Data. Click on the infographics below to view the full-sized versions:

1. What is Big Data?

This first infographic gives an overview of the topic, covering some key concepts and explaining the sheer size of Big Data – much bigger than any traditional database. It also covers the key idea of structured data and unstructured data.
What is Big Data infographic
(Click for full version)

2. Building a Big Data Dream Team

Several key stakeholders are mentioned in the 2015 Case Study booklet, and this infographic gives an overview of the types of people the AsociaciĆ³n de Supermercados Independientes might need to employ in order to improve their current IT situation.
Big Data infographic
(Source: Dell Tech One)

3. Retailer’s Guide to Big Data

Another infographic which explains the size of Big Data, plus the types of structured and unstructured data that are collected and the challenges many companies face when dealing with this volume of information.
Big Data guide - infographic
(Click for full version)

4. From Big Data to Big Personalization

One of the most important uses of Big Data is to personalise the shopping experience for customers. This infographic explains some of the challenges of achieving these goals.
Big Data and personalization
(Click for full version)

5. The Future of Big Data

Big Data technologies and methods change and improve at a pace perhaps even faster than traditional IT developments. This infographic covers one of the key aspects of the 2015 case study – the sources from which data is collected. As students should know, Big Data consists of far, far more than transaction data collected at supermarket checkouts.
The future of Big Data
(Click for full version)


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