ITGS news articles

ITGS News articles from last week

May 11, 2018 itgsnewsauthor 0

News articles have also been a key source of information and discussion in ITGS. Here are four ITGS news articles from the last week, covering topics from security to privacy and surveillance, ethics, the digital divide,and even TOK.

ITGS Past papers topic list

ITGS Past papers topic list

May 9, 2018 itgsnewsauthor 0

This list of ITGS past paper questions will help you select a question on the topic of your choice. Great for keeping track of which papers you have revised and which need to be covered.

The Art of Invisibility book

The Art of Invisibility – ITGS book

February 6, 2018 itgsnewsauthor 0

The Art of Invisibility examines examples of Internet privacy, security, and surveillance issues on the Internet. The book is packed with examples and advice for maintaining privacy and staying secure online.