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Explania is a web site I haven’t seen before which looks like it could be very useful for ITGS teachers and students. It features videos (“animated explanations”) covering a wide range of topics, many of which are on the ITGS syllabus. The videos are cartoon-style but professionally made and very clear – quite similar to the Creative Commons videos which were popular some time ago.

All the videos can be watched online or embedded to other sites such as class wikis. The two main ‘channels’ of interest to ITGS students and teachers are technology and software: several topics that students often find difficult are covered, including RFID, cookies, and Software as a Service (SaaS) – which is also part of the 2013 ITGS case study.

As with all resources, it is also worth noting that some of the videos are created by organisations that may have particular agendas – the cookie explanation, for example, neatly omits any discussion of third party cookies and privacy. Similarly, the RFID explanation covers a wide range of applications for RFID chips, but skips over any potential drawbacks or concerns quite quickly. Nevertheless, these videos can provide a good basis for discussion with ITGS classes.

How to sit and stand up safely while working at your desk? Explania

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