7 Infographics for ITGS lessons

Next week, in one of the ITGS introduction lessons for the new grade 11 students, we will be looking at How IT has Changed Our World, based on exercise 1-5 in the textbook. To get students used to online tools, research skills, and citing sources, we will be completing this exercise as an Infographic. With this in mind, here are 7 excellent ITGS related Infographics that can be used in ITGS lessons:
1. The Pyramid of Internet Piracy

2. Best selling movies are not the most pirated ones
3. Google’s Long History of Social Media Attempts
4. Lifespan of storage media

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5. How the Internet Works

6. History of the Internet

7. Periodic Table of Typefaces

You can find many more ITGS infographics on our ITGS Pinterest page.

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