7 Examples of Big Data – ITGS Case Study 2015

ITGS case study 2015
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Yesterday I posted 7 videos that focused on the first step of the ITGS case study – understanding basic idea of Big Data, the keys concepts and definitions of the term.

Today I am posting 7 more videos which provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of Big Data in retail. Each of these videos includes specific examples of how Big Data can be used to improve marketing, increase customer loyalty, and improve business efficiency – all of which can be applied to the Asociación de Supermercados Independientes (ASI) in the case study. If you know of any more good videos, please do add a comment below.

1. Using Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience

This video from Oracle – who produce Big Data solutions – examines the process and benefits of Big Data analysis using a detailed case study of an online video store. It gives excellent examples of how specific pieces of information can be gathered, clustered, and analysed.

2. Hidden connections – Data analysis in brain and supermarket

A brief video focused specifically on supermarkets which explains some of the ways Big Data can be used – for example, to determine which products to place near each other on the shelves.

3. The Data Storm – Retail and the Big Data Revolution

The Data Storm discusses the advantages of using data in marketing to increase sales and brand loyalty, with examples from Office Depot and Karen Millen. This could be perfect advice for ASI, the company in the ITGS case study.

4. Deliver Personalized Retail Experiences Using Big Data

This analysis of Big Data focuses on “turning customers into fans”- using Big Data to create personalised shopping experiences that encourage customers to return again and again. It features several great examples from the Milano fashion brand, explaining how data from personal profiles and social media like Facebook and Pinterest can be harnessed.

5. Beyond big data: New perspectives on marketing

Focusing specifically on grocery stores and supermarkets, this video examines the collection of use of consumer data. It uses Big Data to answer a number of questions about customers, including which products they are likely to buy, and how likely they are to switch brands – lots of examples which can readily be applied to the supermarkets ITGS case study.

6. Big Data Analytics: 11 Case Histories and Success Stories

This video includes a lot good, brief examples of the use of Big Data (not always linked to retail), including the famous example of Target knowing a girl was pregnant before her father did. Although not directly linked to supermarkets, much of this information can be adapted and applied to the ITGS case study.

7. What is Predictive Analytics?

This presentation is a little bit dry, but still quite accessible for ITGS students. It contains a lot of excellent information about the types of data that can be collected as part of a Big Data system, and the ways that data can be used. Definitely worth a watch, as it covers a lot of the key terminology in the case study document.

Do you know of other videos that would be helpful for the 2015 ITGS case study? Please leave a comment below.

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