6 videos for the ITGS classroom

Videos for the ITGS classroom

Today I stumbled across IBM’s channel on YouTube, which contains some excellent videos summarising how information technology is used in various ITGS specific scenarios. Although they are only short, I can see these videos being useful for introducing ITGS to students at the start of the year, or as a starter to generate discussion at the beginning of a new topic. Some of the better videos are below, and I recommend you check out IBM’s YouTube channel for more.

Business and Employment 
Using data mining to find hidden business opportunities.

Transforming healthcare using the IBM Watson supercomputer.

Politics and Government
IBM Smarter Cities

Politics and Government
Police using software to spot crime patterns and predict future crime hotspots.

There are also a number of longer videos, which run in the region of 5 minutes and cover topics in a bit more detail.

The Rio de Janeiro Story 
Details the high resolution weather modelling and prediction system implemented to keep the city’s residents safe, powered by IBM’s Thunder supercomputer.

The story of how the NYPD use technology to reduce crime throughout New York.

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