6 Infographics for ITGS lessons

ITGS infographic

Infographics can make attractive wall displays in the ITGS classroom, and often provide a quick-glance overview of a topic which is useful for revision or discussion prompting. Here are six ITGS-related infographics covering a range of topics and strands in the ITGS syllabus, from Business and Employment to the Environment, Healthcare, and hardware. You can find many more infographics on our ITGS Pinterest page.

Pain and Productivity in Today’s Workplace

This first infographic touches on quite a small topic in the ITGS syllabus – but still a very important one: Ergonomics. This crosses different strand 2 areas, including Health, Education, and Business and Employment. The infographic explains some of the problems caused by poor ergonomics and some of the common causes of pain and injury. With many IB students (and teachers!) using laptops for large parts of their day, this could be a good infographic to print and display as a poster on the classroom wall.

ITGS infographic

Ways to use Technology in the Classroom

In addition to providing ideas for ITGS teachers, this infographic could make a good discussion starter when studying the Education in strand 2 of the ITGS triangle. Students could investigate the various technologies mentioned here if they are not familiar with them, and then discuss ways they could be applied to their own IB subjects and lessons.

ITGS infographic

Electronic Waste

E-Waste is one of my favourite topics to teach because I always feel like the students are genuinely surprised and concerned by the impact waste electronics can have on health and the environment. This ITGS infographic has statistics relating to e-waste disposal and also identifies issues such as short life cycles on much of the technology we use. There is a small section on solutions at the bottom which could be a good starting point for a student-led discussion or investigation.

E-waste infographic

Deleting Files Forever

This infographic challenges a common misconception, as well as relating to the previous infographic about electronic waste. A common problem with lost or discarded electronics is the retention of data that users believe has been deleted. This diagram does a good job of explaining why deleting files and formatting disks will not remove data permanently, and explains how this can be achieved.

ITGS infographic

The Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers

This infographic is likely to be out of date as soon as this blog post is published. As its title suggests, it lists the world’s fastest supercomputers. This could be a useful list near the start of the ITGS course when students are studying the system fundamentals and hardware topics in strand 3. Researching the supercomputers listed here could give them an idea of the kinds of specifications the world’s fastest computers have – and if the list is out of date by the time they search, it is a good indicator of the speed of technological development!

Supercomputers infographic

Ports and Connectors

A more mundane, less jazzy infographic – but still an important one as various ports and connectors are part of the fundamentals topic of strand 3. Seeing such a large range of “standards” can also give raise to questions about compatibility between platforms, or even between older and newer hardware.

ITGS infographic

Visit Pinterest to view more ITGS infographics.

ITGS Infographics
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ITGS Infographics
Here are six ITGS-related infographics covering a range of topics and strands in the ITGS syllabus, from Business and Employment to Healthcare and hardware.
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