5 Quick ITGS stories from last week

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Facebook ponders allowing under-13s

Facebook may allow under-13s with parental supervision, by linking their accounts to their parents. Issues of online safety and privacy need addressing first. Full story: BBC News


China censors Tiananmen searches

China has moved to censor searches related to the Tiananmen Square protests on the 23rd anniversary of the event. Full story: BBC News


Authors can sue Google over book scheme

A US court has ruled that authors can jointly sue Google over its controversial plan to digitise thousands of books. Full story: The Telegraph


Court warns over juror web use

A US court has warned that jurors are increasingly using the web to discuss cases, risking mistrials. Full story: Boston.com


Microsoft changes licences to prevent suing

Microsoft is changing the terms of its End User Licence Agreement (EULA) to prevent users from filing class action lawsuits against it. Full story: The Register


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