5 More infographics for ITGS lessons

Here are five great infographics which make great discussion points in the ITGS classroom. Covering business and mobile technology, healthcare, data security and several other topics, there are clear links to the ITGS syllabus and lots of opportunity to discuss the pace at which technology changes and the social and ethical issues this causes. If you link these, be sure to visit the ITGS Pinterest page to see more.

1. Business and Mobile Technology

ITGS infographic

2. Driverless Cars and the End of Distracted Driving

ITGS infographic

3. Keeping Your Information Safe and Private Online

ITGS infographic

4. Is Mobile Health Poised to Explode?

ITGS infographic

5. The State of IT Security

ITGS infographic
If you enjoyed these infographics, you can find many more on our Pinterest page.

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