Web Design: 4 Sites with Tips for Web Designers

Web design tips
ITGS students creating websites for their internal assessment projects should work closely with their clients to ensure they produce a design and product that meets the requirements specified in criteria A and B. In addition students should perform background reading about good web design techniques and practices to ensure they are capable of producing an effective web site (remember, the client is likely to be inexperienced in this area).
The sites below provide good tips and advice for web designers: from creating a consistent appearance across the site to optimising images for download speed, and more. Students who are just starting to learn HTML and CSS for their project might also want to read the previous post, Web Design: 5 tutorials to learn HTML and CSS. Students should also remember to site any sources used in the resources table in criteria D.


Web Design Tips
This list of web tips is a good starting point for students. The tips are quite basic (fast loading designs, clear navigation, etc), but each one has link to another page which offers further advice for implementing the guidelines. The site also has a range of tutorials related to web design.


Website Helpers: Website design tips
Although not a stunningly designed page itself, Website Helpers offers sound advice that focuses more on website content organisation than graphical design. Each section offers clear tips and explanations, and debunks common myths.
Top 10 Best Designed Websites in the World
Web Design from Scratch takes 10 popular and well designed websites and offers clear explanations of why they work. Although not all rules will apply to all situations, this gallery is a good place to visit before starting criteria D.


World’s Worst Website
Scrolling text, flashy, animated backgrounds, frames, and just about every colour under the rainbow – this site has it all. Luckily, it is deliberate – an attempt to highlight the mistakes that many web designers make. Students could do a lot worse than visit here and check that their site has nothing in common with it.


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