3 ITGS news articles from Australia

Image: David Weinberger BY-NC- SA
Image: David Weinberger BY-NC- SA

Not prostitutes: phone cloning and identity theft

Craig Thompson, an Australian MP, has said identity theft and phone cloning explain why he appeared to use prostitutes and escort services in 2005 and 2007. IT experts are divided on whether this is a plausible explanation. Source: Full article

Robot tour guide

The Australian National Museum has spent $3.5 million on a “tele-presence robot” to provide tours to guests. The system is still in the prototype stage, but will be equipped with an array of cameras capable of covering all 360 degrees of its surroundings. School children will be the first to test out the system.
Source: Full article

Hackers hit telecommunication giant

Hackers have broken into systems owned by telecommunications giant Telstra and stolen the user names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords of 35,000 customers. Source: Full story

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